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Celebrate Your Outdoor Backyard With a New Trend Fence and Deck Package!

Welcome to New Trend Fence and Deck, where your dream of a perfect outdoor space transforms into reality. With our diverse collections and commitment to quality, we ensure that every homeowner finds their ideal match for both style and functionality. Let’s explore what makes our products a must-have for your home. Unmatched Durability and Style […]

History of Fences

As the Smithsonian states, “Fencing are icons of the American landscape”.  In today’s (and yesterday’s) culture, they have been used to create a wall of privacy or security or as part of the owner’s outdoor living décor.  It’s amazing when you think of it because for generations, Americans and Canadians have grown up between fences.  […]

New Trend Fencing Welcomes You to our New and Improved Website

Spring is the time of year of renewal!  It is the time of year where homeowners become fully immersed in developing their outdoor living environment.  From flowers, to furniture, decking and fencing, consumers are looking for different, innovative products that suit their personality and lifestyle.   Decorative fencing has taken a huge leap over the years.  […]

How To Keep Your Fence Looking Brand New For Years

It’s that time of year again where we venture outside and evaluate the condition of our outdoor living products.  Did they survive the snow and ice?   Did last year’s mistakes take a toll on our fence and deck? Here are a few simple preventative tips, to do today, to keep your fence looking like brand […]

Beat the winter blahs…

While I may enjoy the beauty of the winter season, it isn’t my favorite. I may enjoy cozying up by the fireplace with hot chocolate in hand, but I don’t enjoy scrapping ice and snow from my windshield, or the bone chilling run from the parking lot to the office doors.To beat the winter blahs, I like to […]

When designed right, your backyard becomes artwork in the windows!

The results are in…. Yesterday was Groundhog Day, which poses the annual question to our furry forecasters: when will winter end? Well, the most well-known marmot prognosticator Punxsutawney Phil failed to see his shadow, according to his handlers who declared this year we’d have an early spring! Yipee! So now is the time to ask yourself, […]