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Investing in a high-quality fence will give you not only privacy and security but also reduce the need for maintenance over the years. Durable fences come in different shapes and forms and can be customized to add a decorative appeal to your property, which can thereby enhance its value and curb appeal.

However, while purchasing fencing materials, you may be unaware of how to gauge the quality of these products and therefore succumb to misleading information. Lack of proper knowledge regarding fencing material can also prompt you to avail of low-grade and ill-fitted fencing. To help you steer clear of the underlying falsehoods related to the elements used in fencing, New Trend Fencing has debunked three of the most widely believed myths about fencing materials.

Myth 1: The wood materials used for fencing are all similar.

When it comes to fencing, it is commonly believed that all wooden fencing materials are equal. This is not true as all the pressure-treated lumber used in wood fencing is not the same. Some big-box building centers tend to push the lowest-end pressure-treated (PT) wood onto the end-user’s lap. This substandard wood doesn’t serve its purpose as it deteriorates quickly.

In the past, several customers have informed us that their lumber from certain big orange box stores rotted completely just a few years after installation. The reason why this happens to today’s PT lumber is that the current pressure treatment differs significantly from the early ’90s. Most contractors today are not knowledgeable about the quality of the fencing lumber they use, which are usually low-grade products. All they care about is lowering the costs. But being cheap doesn’t mean that a product is reliable, or the quality is the same as another brand of lumber.

At New Trend Fencing, we focus on providing you with our most exceptional products in the market. We receive our wood from the region’s top producers of raw lumber, at which point we inspect each piece, sort them into the right grade for the proper application and then apply the treatment appropriate for that use. We also utilize a low-toxicity chemical treatment to guard the wood against insect damage, rot, and fires while preserving the natural beauty and character of the wood.

Myth 2: All chain links are the same

A chain link is an entry-level product that encloses a yard, and these chain links vary in the thickness of the tube, paint, and fabrics. Chain links might look similar, but some suppliers cheat consumers with weak tensile chain links. Usually, the mesh of these chain links doesn’t hold up to daily pressures like the weight of children or pets. This means that they can easily bend or twist under the slightest pressure.

Myth 3: Any contractors can do a fencing job

Some customers make the mistake of trusting fly by night contractors. These contractors put on a company sticker on the side of their trucks and operate on the go. But, when you experience any service or warranty issues, they are nowhere to be found. Sadly, technology has made it easy for these fake businesses to come off as legitimate companies. Without too much effort, they can get a website up and running and have a logo printed for their businesses. To avoid falling for fake companies when hiring a contractor, one must remember to ask for references.

If you’re looking to steer clear of these and other fencing myths, reach out to New Trend Fencing. As one of the best fencing contractors in Kitchener, Ontario, we have over a decade worth of experience in fencing. We also offer a wide range of fencing options from environmentally friendly bamboo to traditional chain link fencing to suit different property needs. Moreover, our ability to create unique designs has satisfied several clients over the years and put our business on the map.

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