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Deck Relaxing with Vista Frameless Glass For Views Like No Other!
Vista Frameless Glass
Grey Deck With Featured Vista Frameless Glass System

Enhancing Your View with Elegance

Summer is the perfect season to rejuvenate your outdoor space, and what better way to do that than with New Trend Outdoor’s Frameless Glass Railing Systems?

These systems add a sleek, modern touch to your deck or patio and maximize the view of your surroundings without any obstructions. Imagine setting these frameless Glass Panels with low-profile spigots around your family pool to view barbeques all summer long!

Unobstructed Panoramas

Imagine enjoying a stunning sunset or a tranquil garden view without any visual interruptions. Our frameless glass railing is specifically designed with no top or bottom rails, ensuring an uninterrupted vista from your outdoor oasis. The integrated channels within each post allow the glass to slide effortlessly into place, combining simplicity with cutting-edge design.

Installation Made Simple

The ease of installation is a key feature of our railing systems. Set the posts, slide the glass into the post channels, and secure it with the press caps. It’s that straightforward! This design saves time and reduces the installation process’s complexity, making it accessible for DIY enthusiasts.

Durable and Versatile

Our posts are crafted from premium powder-coated material and pre-assembled with vertical slots and glass gasketing to ensure durability and strength. The glass used in our frameless systems is thicker and may be laminated depending on your project requirements for additional safety and longevity.

Style Meets Safety

Safety is paramount, and our railing systems are rigorously tested under national building codes to ensure they meet all safety standards. With a range of horizontal angles possible due to the versatile post design, you can customize the installation to fit the specific needs of your space.

Aesthetic Choices

New Trend Outdoor offers a variety of colour selections to match any decor style:

  • Textured Grey
  • Gloss White
  • Gloss Black
  • Textured Black
  • Textured Bronze

These colour options provide the flexibility to either complement or highlight your existing outdoor design elements.

Shipping and Support

Located in Kitchener, Ontario, we ship across Canada and can arrange shipping to the USA. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our well-documented resources, including how-to guides, videos, and installation instructions.

Comparison with Other Railing Systems

Unlike wood, steel, or composite railings, which require significant maintenance, our Vista™ Frameless Glass Railing System offers a low-maintenance alternative. It does not require painting, staining, or routine repair for rust or rot. This makes it not only a stylish choice but a practical one for those seeking to enjoy their outdoor spaces without additional upkeep.


With summer in full swing, there’s no better time to upgrade your outdoor living areas. New Trend Outdoor’s Frameless Glass Railing Systems offer the perfect blend of style, simplicity, and safety. Enhance your home with these elegant railings and turn your outdoor spaces into a stunning retreat for relaxation and entertainment.

If you’re interested in transforming your deck or patio with our Frameless Glass Railing Systems or want more information, visit our New Trend Outdoor products page or contact our sales team directly. We’re here to help you create the outdoor space of your dreams!

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Vista Frameless Glass Overlooking a Lake View with best comfort vision ever!

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