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As the days grow longer and the mercury rises, the allure of sun-soaked afternoons by the pool becomes irresistible. It’s that wonderful time of year when swimming pools beckon! But before you dive into the refreshing waters, it’s crucial to ensure your fence meets local safety codes. Don’t worry, though—New Trend Fencing is here to make sure your summer is both safe and stylish!

Up to Code, Up to Speed

At New Trend Outdoor, we understand the importance of safety, especially when it comes to pool areas. That’s why we offer a comprehensive consultation to ensure your fencing is up to code. Our team of experts is always ready to assist with any questions about local pool code requirements. Ensuring your fence is compliant not only enhances safety but also provides peace of mind, letting you enjoy your pool stress-free.

Vinyl Privacy Fences: Seclusion with Style!

Privacy is paramount, and our vinyl privacy fences are designed to provide just that, without sacrificing style. These fences are perfect for creating a secluded retreat in your backyard. Whether you’re sunbathing or enjoying a quiet family meal, our vinyl fences offer an elegant barrier that keeps your moments private and your gatherings intimate.

Iron Gating: The Gateway to Elegance and Security

Our iron gates are the epitome of strength and beauty, providing robust security without compromising on aesthetics. Ideal for families looking for an extra layer of protection, these gates are not only durable but also add a touch of sophistication to any entrance. Whether it’s a pathway leading to your garden or your main property entrance, our iron gates are the perfect blend of functionality and flair.

Decking: Family Fun in the Sun

Elevate your outdoor living with our high-quality decking solutions. Perfect for families that love to play and entertain, our decks provide a sturdy and stylish platform for all your outdoor activities. From a sunny day spent splashing in the pool to an evening BBQ gathering the steaks, our decking ensures your outdoor space is as comfortable as it is charming.

Glass Frameless Fences: Uniquely Yours

For those who crave a modern twist on traditional fencing, our glass frameless fences are a stunning choice. These sleek, transparent barriers offer unobstructed views while making a bold statement in landscape design. Perfect for elevated aesthetics, they bring a unique touch to your yard, blending seamlessly with any environment.

At New Trend Outdoor, You’ve Got a Friend!

Choosing the right fence is about more than just making a purchase—it’s about making a statement and creating a safe, enjoyable space for your family and friends. At New Trend Outdoor, we’re more than just a company; we’re your neighbour, your expert, and your friend in the fence & deck business. 

As spring blossoms into summer, let New Trend Outdoor help you prepare your outdoor space for the season. With our blend of style, safety, and expert service, we ensure your fencing is as ready for summer as you are!

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