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As we prepare for summer and Canada Day celebrations, envision gathering with loved ones in a beautifully crafted backyard. Imagine the joy of sharing a delicious BBQ on a spacious, stylish deck, surrounded by a privacy fence that provides shade and seclusion. The kids play safely within the boundaries of your custom-designed fence, while adults relax and chat, creating lasting memories.

As the evening unfolds, everyone heads out to watch the fireworks, feeling rested and content from a day well spent in a perfectly designed outdoor space.

Ideas That You’ll Relate To:

Residential Story: The Smith family wanted to revamp their backyard to create a fun and safe space for their children. With our Composite Decking and Eternity Vinyl Fencing, they now have a durable, low-maintenance area where their kids can play freely. The Smiths love hosting BBQs, and their new deck is the perfect spot for family gatherings and summer parties.

Commercial Story: A local restaurant sought to enhance its outdoor dining area. By installing our Frameless Glass Fencing and Aluminum Railings, they provided their patrons with an elegant, unobstructed view while maintaining safety. The new setup has become a major attraction, drawing in more customers who enjoy dining in a stylish, comfortable environment.



Transform Your Backyard into a Dream Oasis with New Trend Outdoor!

Welcome to New Trend Outdoor, where we transcend traditional, environmentally friendly outdoor products to craft the backyard oasis of your dreams. Imagine a space where your style shines, creating an inviting atmosphere for friends, family, and neighbours. With our patented ‘Fencerts’, you can design a customized fence that mirrors your unique taste and personality.

Why Choose New Trend Outdoor?

    • Best Quality Standards

    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    • Rigorous Quality Control System

    • Commitment to Customers

    • Highly Professional Team

    • Top-notch Materials


Explore Our Product Range

At New Trend Outdoor, we offer a variety of top-quality products tailored to meet both residential and commercial needs. Our offerings include:

    • Eternity Vinyl Fencing

    • Ornamental Fencing

    • Aluminum Railings

    • Frameless Glass Fencing

    • Composite Decking

    • Fencerts

    • Chain-Link Fencing



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At New Trend Outdoor, we’re committed to helping you create an outdoor space that’s not only functional but also a reflection of your personal style. Let us help you design a backyard oasis where you can relax, entertain, and celebrate with those you love most.

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