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Welcome to New Trend Fence and Deck, where your dream of a perfect outdoor space transforms into reality. With our diverse collections and commitment to quality, we ensure that every homeowner finds their ideal match for both style and functionality. Let’s explore what makes our products a must-have for your home. Unmatched Durability and Style […]

How To Keep Your Fence Looking Brand New For Years

Deck with Railing System

While wood fencing appears to be the norm in most neighbourhoods, we recommend vinyl or ornamental fencing. Wood requires a lot of maintenance and overtime it fades and rots. The cost/benefit proves that, although you pay a higher price in the beginning for a vinyl or ornamental fence, they tend to last longer and save you money in the long term.

Beat the winter blahs…

Cup of Hot Chocolate Bobbing with Marshmallows

While I may enjoy the beauty of the winter season, it isn’t my favorite. I may enjoy cozying up by the fireplace with hot chocolate in hand, but I don’t enjoy scrapping ice and snow from my windshield, or the bone chilling run from the parking lot to the office doors.